A company merger prompted a new brand for Syndigo, which meant they needed a new website to match. And it needed to be live in just nine weeks. Quality at speed can be like asking for farm-to-table food from a drive-thru. Is it really possible? USDP was up for the challenge.

Our designer adapted the new branding (developed by Sustena) for the website, creating new design elements and a modern, modular structure. Our developer built out pages as quickly as they were being designed. Simultaneously, USDP’s content strategist and the Syndigo team streamlined reams of content to fit the new structure of the brand. And our account manager deserves a huge hat-tip for keeping all of these moving pieces on track. And guess what? launched on time. Working in sync with great partners made it possible. 

What is Syndigo? Syndigo is a powerful technology hub. Large companies rely on Syndigo to help them manage, syndicate, and optimize their product information and distribute it to retailers—or anywhere it needs to go—fast.  

Check out the final product at 

Digital Marketing Services Used: StoryBrandWeb DesignWeb Development.

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