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test profile David Brecount

David Brecount

CEO & Co-Founder

test profile Mark Miller

Mark Miller

Client Leader and Co-Founder

test profile Adam Jace

Adam Jace

Head of Operations

test profile Sarah Sideranko Jones

Sarah Sideranko Jones

Director of Accounts

test profile Ben Jacoby

Ben Jacoby

Client Leader

test profile Courtney Smalley

Courtney Smalley

Senior Account Manager

test profile Maria Dossett

Maria Dossett

Account Manager

test profile Joe Kruessel

Joe Kruessel

Creative Director

test profile Kevin Saffer

Kevin Saffer

Technology Director

test profile John Rice

John Rice

Associate Creative Director

test profile Alison Seddon

Alison Seddon

Content Strategist

test profile Daniel Calderon

Daniel Calderon

Associate Creative Director

test profile Trey DeVries

Trey DeVries

Digital Marketing Analyst

test profile Ryan Whetstone

Ryan Whetstone

Senior Developer

test profile Emmy Stephens

Emmy Stephens

Digital Marketing Analyst

test profile Nick Zinn

Nick Zinn

Digital Marketing Manager

test profile Bella Dell'Aira

Bella Dell'Aira

Interactive Designer

test profile Noah Winkler

Noah Winkler


test profile Jon Hanley

Jon Hanley

Digital Marketing Analyst

test profile Mat Webb

Mat Webb


test profile Stephanie Helfrich

Stephanie Helfrich


test profile Beth Carpenter

Beth Carpenter


test profile Kevin Biecker

Kevin Biecker


test profile Pablo Guzmán-Gomez

Pablo Guzmán-Gomez

Digital Marketing Analyst

test profile Abby Bryant

Abby Bryant

Digital Marketing Analyst

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“What I love about working with USDP is that it's a small, nimble team that that does it all right. I just know that I'm going to get the latest and greatest with a small team that stays focused.”


Anastasia Milehem

Executive Director, Cincinnati Experience

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