Posted: Oct 9, 2023
Last Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Supporting a big brand as it pivots in a new direction is complicated, especially when it serves as the parent company of many smaller entities.

For Transport Investments, Inc., one of the largest specialty freight companies in the United States, changing the name and visual identity to Bridgeway meant rethinking all of their marketing and branding.

USDP was tasked with designing and building a new website reflective of their new brand direction and go-to-market strategy.

USDP quickly identified three challenges:

  • Challenge 1: Create a website that reflects the new brand and affirms Bridgeway as a leader
  • Challenge 2: Speak to different stakeholders that interact with the website, which includes owner-operators, shippers, third-party carriers, and others.
  • Challenge 3: Reinforce Bridgeway as one company

Through strategic discussions, we defined the target user’s journey, allowing us to create clear opportunities for engagement, and a site structure that accounts for multiple audiences with diverse needs. Next, we worked closely with Bridgeway to establish language for each of the brand’s core audiences, using the StoryBrand approach. Then, we designed a website that helps users understand the value of Bridgeway and easily find what they need. As with every site we build, we created a mobile-friendly design, ensuring a smooth and responsive experience across all devices.

By consolidating the presence of Bridgeway’s multiple companies into a unified brand, it’s now easy to have a comprehensive view of the Bridgeway community.

The new website establishes a platform for Bridgeway to grow on. It captures the essence of the Bridgeway brand and allows the company to communicate more effectively with customers, employees, and potential partners.

Truck driver with truck

View of mobile and desktop versions of the Bridgway website.

Bridgeway logo

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