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Posted: Nov 22, 2023
Last Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Nelson Worldwide, an award-winning firm specializing in architecture, interior design, graphic design, and brand strategy, asked USDP to revamp its website to meet evolving goals and reach a broader audience.

USDP redesigned Nelson’s website several years ago, and it was time to revisit it to align with their business today. Every website needs to be re-examined regularly, to understand how people use the site, and adjust content and design to reflect new priorities and shifting audiences.

So, we began with an in-depth Google Analytics analysis to determine how the site was being used. We then developed a sitemap and a meticulous content matrix to keep the site laser-focused on the needs of their evolving target audience. In addition, we conducted a technology assessment to identify opportunities for leveraging existing technologies.

As with all of our projects, collaborating with clients helped make this redesign successful. We worked closely with the Nelson team to craft new web layouts, incorporating both new and refined design elements that seamlessly aligned with their evolving brand identity.

After implementing the design and developing new page layouts, we provided extensive training for the Nelson team—empowering them to independently manage the site and update content efficiently.

The result? A fresh direction and foundation for successful digital marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing Services Used: StoryBrand, Website Design, Website Development, SEO

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