REDI Cincinnati


REDI Cincinnati is the first point of contact for companies considering the tri-state state Cincinnati region as a perfect place to locate and grow. Redi and US Digital Partners worked together to deliver a world-class digital first impression designed and built to showcase the growing economic region.

Digital Marketing Services Used: Web Design, Web Development, StoryBrand Execution 

This was a true collaboration and partnership. We have heard fantastic feedback from our team and our partners during our soft launch. We are thrilled to have your expertise two blocks away – in addition to knowing that your team is there at all times of the business day. THANK YOU!”

– Danielle Losos, Maketing Manager- REDI Cincinnati


REDI website feature 1

Card layouts throughout the site incorporate bold imagery and well-organized content for a seamless experience.

Clean and elegant icons are used throughout the site to add interest to the content.

REDI website feature 3

Micro animations and hover effects add emphasis as well as a bit of delight to the user experience.

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