Rachel Pauls Food


Rachel Pauls Food partnered up with USDP on several marketing aspects this year. From the website and videos to the identity of their new Low-FODMAP energy bars, our team covered the entire project. The website, in particular, allows buyers to easily browse the selection of products while gaining an understanding of the story behind Rachel Pauls Food.

Digital Marketing Services Used: Brand Design, Package Design, Web Design, Web Development, Video Production, Digital Advertising, StoryBrand Execution


The Good Mood Story behind Rachel Pauls Food is an important insight into why the company began. This page takes a deep look at the inspiration that resulted in Happy Bars.

FODMAP is not a term that most people recognize. We dedicated a page of the site to help users gain a better understanding of what FODMAPS are and why you should care. This page includes a FAQ section as well as a list of foods that encompass a low-FODMAP diet.

The blog keeps viewers up to date on the latest recipes, lifestyle tips, and FODMAP facts. This is a great tool for Rachel Pauls Foods to use to connect with their audience.

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