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Nurse Mel is a completely new iPhone app and your pocket guide to feeling well. The over-the-counter aisle at your local pharmacy can be intimidating with sooooo many products. How can you decide what to buy and take? You need a nurse practitioner to be your guide. Next time you’re sick, instead of asking Alexa or guessing what to take for your symptom relief, “Ask Nurse Mel!” Download the app now.

Digital Marketing Services Used: Brand DesignApp Design, App Development, Web Design


Nurse Mel Icons

USDP designed custom icons for the Nurse Mel app illustrating the 6 categories of over-the-counter medications. These graphics help users navigate the app.

Nurse Mel Pattern

Using the icons created, we generated a background pattern tying the branding into features on the app and also on the landing page.

Nurse Mel Faces

Along with the category icons, we created user icons (male and female) and also animated Nurse Mel's face when you are "All Better."

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