Monteverdi Tuscany Culinary Week


Monteverdi Tuscany prides itself on making one-of-a-kind experiences for their guests. Culinary Week is a five-night culinary adventure at the boutique hotel in the beautiful Val d’Orcia region. This region is known for its exceptional Brunello wines, pecorino cheese, olive oil, and truffles. With the abundance of fresh ingredients and world-class wine surrounding Monteverdi Tuscany, the opportunities for delectable cuisine are truly endless. US Digital Partners collaborated with the client to help select the perfect location that captures the essence of Tuscany while marrying the b-roll that was already in existence. Our USDP team produced a video featuring Chef Giancarla Bodoni as she talks about the delicacies of the region, the local foods of their village, and why Culinary Week at Monteverdi Tuscany is so spectacular.

Editors note: Our very own Kate Mock and Jesy Herron were lucky enough to meet and work with Chef Giancarla Bodini in the kitchen and try all the delicious food you see in this video. #workperks

Some B-roll credit to: Kelly Fajack Photography


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