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Kroger Wireless


Kroger Wireless turned to USDP for help rebranding and relaunching their prepaid wireless product. Our teams worked to combine what was previously known as Kroger iWireless and Access Wireless. Leveraging the StoryBrand approach, the team created a seamless experience for existing and new customers on the new The company is now on the path to further growth in the prepaid wireless industry.

Digital Marketing Services Used: Web Design, Web Development, StoryBrand Execution


Kroger Wireless site on MacBook Pro.

A clear process with visual cues helps customers navigate the multi-step process to find the SIM kit for their devices.

mockup of Kroger Wireless website on hand-held mobile device

Easily viewed on any size device, anywhere.

Woman working at a coffee shop with the Kroger Wireless site on her laptop screen.

Using the StoryBrand approach, USDP crafted clear calls to action and a three-step process to make signing up easy.

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