The Council for Economic Education (CEE) is a non-profit helping young people nationwide gain financial and economic knowledge for life. 

Did you know that teaching financial literacy and economics can help students to envision a future they didn’t know they could have? 

By partnering with local schools and organizations, CEE is able to offer K-12 education programs that prepare students to make informed financial decisions for themselves and for their communities. CEE’s work impacts kids from every background and socioeconomic status, with an emphasis on the underserved. To accomplish their mission, CEE works with teachers, students, governments, financial institutions, and donors.   

CEE came to us with a fresh brand and logo in hand, requesting a new donor website. 

CEE asked USDP to take their new brand identity digital—to transform their website into a modern hub for all things CEE, as well as drive donations and sponsorships. For their organization’s main site, they wanted to address donors and financial professionals, who are essential to running and sponsoring CEE programs.  

It started with a written story 

We started with a brief exercise to expand on their core brand language, using the StoryBrand framework. This process helps us to deeply understand the organization and align on copy moving forward. Next, our design and content teams audited the site and mapped out a new site structure. 

And continued with a fresh design, on a firm technology foundation 

Just as CEE equips teachers and students with great resources, we wanted to equip CEE with stand-out visuals and an easily maintainable website. Our design team brought the new brand to life, creating visual elements, icons, and a best-in-class user experience. Our design and development teams worked closely to make sure every detail would work as planned.    

The outcome: A clear, distinct site that supports growth—and impacts lives  

Supporting non-profits is one of our favorite things to do. Although we might not be saving lives or changing the world, many of our clients are. CEE now has a website to launch their next chapter and help more students not just to imagine a different future, but go out and live it. 

Visit CEE to see their new website.

Digital Marketing Services Used: StoryBrandWeb DesignWeb Development.


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