Trash and the web. The best of friends at Rumpke.

Last Updated on August 11, 2016

Garbage and the internet. When you put those two words in the same sentence, you may first think of such negative terms as SPAM, tabloid gossip, or downloading illegal music and movies. But trash and the web can be positive terms.

Take a look at Rumpke, one of Cincinnati’s most recognizable companies. Founded in 1932 by William F. Rumpke, they have used technology to help minimize waste, promote greener practices, and capitalize on waste hauling and recycling innovations. So it comes as no surpirse that Rumpke would turn to the web to present themselves as a leader in the waste industry.

Rumpke dipped its toe into the web in the 1990s. Since then, they have been working with USDP for over 7 years on various web design initiatives. Together, the two companies have produced successful interactive websites for Rumpke Clean & Green, Rumpke Recycling, Rumpke Ballpark, Rumpke Restrooms, and Rumpke Hydraulics.  The most recent success has been the re-launch of

The re-development of brings with it a good number of new features, content, and a fresh look (pun fully intended). One new feature is the ability to provide custom information tailored to where the visitor lives in greater Cincinnati. This customization allows for Rumpke to provide information on holiday and inclement weather delays, updates on services, and more.

So why the change?
Molly Broadwater, Corporate Communication Coordinator at Rumpke, had this to say:

“Pre-2012 was overloaded with information. It was easy for a customer to become overwhelmed. When we looked at re-designing the website, we took a step back and took a hard look at what was currently on the site, and what information really needed to be there.”

After consulting with their website users and taking a look at their visitor stats, two things really stood out: online bill pay and checking on collection schedules.

“We wanted to make it easier for customers to find these answers. ‘Pay your bill’ is now a main line navigation item and ‘changes in collection schedule’ are quickly found on the homepage by a ticker feature,” stated Molly.

By listening to their customers and adapting to the customer’s needs, Rumpke has been able to provide not only the right type of information, but the right types of service that its varoius customers need. Be sure to check out the re-launched Rumpke website,