Serving Up an Extra Helping of Digital Marketing Tips for the End of the Year


Celebrate Thanksgiving with an extra helping of free digital marketing advice to start the new year off right.

Posted: Nov 20, 2023
Last Updated: Nov 20, 2023

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Thanksgiving meal foods illustrations

In the spirit of turkey and time off, gratitude and generosity, we are showing up to the family meal with our signature dish: hot and ready digital marketing tips! With the new year coming fast, we are dishing out a few FREE extra servings of knowledge and advice for all of the hungry marketers out there.

Here are 9 tasty digital marketing tips to fill you up for the new year.

Serving up (some successful digital ads)

Just like the main course, your website can be delectable. But only if people come to the table. With great digital advertising, you can max out your guest list—no fancy napkin-folding required.

Pluto from Charlie Brown preparing a sandwich

1. Set the table: a digital marketing sales funnel

What does PPC mean? Is remarketing right for me? Does the fork go on the left or right side again? So many confusing questions always come up when crafting a digital advertising strategy. Fortunately, the digital marketing sales funnel is an understandable and effective framework for launching advertising that works. (Oh, and last we checked, the fork goes on the left.)

2. Follow the recipe: avoiding the top SEM mistakes

It doesn’t matter how hard you work to prepare the feast if you overcook your turkey. When spending advertising dollars to drive people to your website, you need to avoid the common pitfalls known to tank SEM campaigns.

Chef smelling food in pressure cooker

3. Don’t forget the secret sauce: programmatic advertising

When prepping your meal, there is always something that takes it to the next level. If you are trying to find that special sauce that is guaranteed to keep people talking, it’s time to check out programmatic advertising.

4. The taste test: checking your website ranking

You don’t know if your feast is cooked to perfection until you sneak a little taste. Similarly, you have to know that your hard work curating your digital marketing sales funnel is yielding the results that you want.

Baby making a funny face when being fed.

Digging in (to a beautiful website)

Alright, your work in the kitchen is done. The wonderful wafting aroma has brought a hungry crowd to the table, and it’s time to dig in. Your site is well-advertised and highly ranked—but is it actually good? Well, with our napkins in our laps and hunger in our eyes, it’s time to load up our plates and check out the main course.

Boy aggresively eating his food.

5. Savory appetizers: landing pages that convert

Just like delicious appetizers, landing pages are a great way to whet your audience’s appetite and create excitement for what comes next. If you want to generate conversions by serving up distinct ad landing pages, you need to learn the best practices of successful ad landing pages.

6. The gold ribbon turkey: perfecting your messaging

You can have delicious potatoes or an award-winning green bean casserole, but if your turkey is subpar, your dinner falls flat. Your messaging works the same way—it carries your website. Without defined messaging and a comprehensive understanding of your customer, no amount of eye-catching animations or creative illustrations can yield the results you want. Trying for that gold ribbon this year? Learn how to build your StoryBrand.

Cutting open a turkey.

7. The fixins’: what makes a perfect website

You wouldn’t serve just the turkey. Whether it’s stuffing, mac and cheese, or even a shrimp cocktail, everyone serves up their special side dishes that make the feast a feast.

8. Grandma’s cranberry relish: using Elementor

Chances are you probably grew up loving your grandma’s cranberry sauce. It’s one of those classic dishes that turns out to be deceivingly simple to prepare. You can capture that same experience with Elementor in Wordpress. You can build a snazzy custom website without the headaches and learning curve.

9. Sweet, sweet dessert: breaking out video

People will tell you that you never really need dessert, but let’s be honest, what would life be like without it? Just like dessert, a well-made video is always a special treat to entice visitors to your site. Need some help convincing yourself to save room for dessert? Check out these 10 ways video can benefit your business

Buddy from the movie Elf, poring syrup on his spagetti.

Still hungry for more? We’ve cooked up plenty of helpful tips throughout the year, so be sure to check out our other posts. If that’s still not enough and you want to talk to one of our chefs about catering our services to the unique needs of your business, send a message to our kitchen and we will get in touch with you.

Happy Thanksgiving from the USDPeeps! 🦃

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