CAMO Deck Fasteners


Installing quality decking is a time-suck, and leaves less time for other work. The CAMO family of products helps contractors and DIYers build better decks faster, easier, and with less wear and tear on the body.

CAMO’s parent company, National Nail, tasked by USDP with creating a new website. The goal: to showcase CAMO’s innovative technology (which is disrupting their industry), while making the customer the hero. We used our Message-Based Design process to clarify CAMO’s story and design a simple, striking site. 

Digital Marketing Services Used: Web Design, Web Development, StoryBrand Execution 


This innovative CAMO Drive tool is the newest in the line. With it, deck builders can edge, clip, and face fasten deck board while standing. Totally new and totally fun to use. (We tried it.)

New product pages showcase the family of CAMO products and how they can benefit deck builders.

The CAMO brand itself is elevated through our proven Brand Boost process.

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