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Ziegler Park mobile screenshot that shows parking garage available spaces

Ziegler Park


Ziegler Park, a 4.5-acre green space located between the neighborhoods of Over-the-Rhine and Pendleton, is home to a new deep-water pool, upgraded basketball courts, a children’s playground, a game grove, great lawn, and more. This is the best new public space in downtown Cincinnati and the word is getting out with this beautiful new website.

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Mockup of Ziegler Park parking spot availability

Real-time available parking data is displayed to tell park-goers how many spaces are currently available in Ziegler Park's 400-space parking garage.

Ziegler Park mobile mockup of features section of website

Simple icons are used throughout the website to enhance user experience by increasing readability, structuring content, and drawing the attention of the user. The icons are grouped with content they relate to so as to summarize the content in a nutshell.

Ziegler Park laptop mockup of events section of website

An events section enhances the website homepage by promoting upcoming park events with info for each event clearly displayed and more info readily available in just one click. Each event is separated and distinguishable by color depending on which park feature it pertains to.

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