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International fortune 500 company, DXC Technology, came to USDP looking to adapt to marketplace demands. USDP began the DXC website design project with thorough research, examining the technology landscape and designing a clean and sophisticated site that could be distinguished from the pack. Additionally, USDP took the time to do in-depth research, interviews, and developed customer persona journeys to ensure the website would meet the complex needs of their clients.

Also, it never hurts to get some top-shelf recognition for our work. “What B2B Companies Can Learn About UX From the Websites of Leading Fortune 500 Companies: WebEnertia ranks DXC Technology’s website #1 out of 34 for home page effectiveness and within the top 10 of several other significant assessments.”

Digital Marketing Services Used: Web Design, Web Development, StoryBrand


dxc personas

As part of the DXC website design project, USDP developed personas around the different visitors who come to the DXC website. Each persona included a narrative focusing on what the user ultimately wanted from DXC, internal and external problems, and touch points where DXC can emphasize with their pain points and demonstrate authority and credibility.

dxc navigation

Since DXC offers so many services, it was necessary that the user could quickly and easily navigate to the right page. To meet this need, we designed a robust navigation bar which contextually adapts based on the users selection.

dxc enterprise stack

To better visualize how the different services and industries fit together, USDP created an interactive animation which grows the DXC Technology Stack as users scroll down the homepage.

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