Art Academy of Cincinnati


The Art Academy of Cincinnati (“AAC”) is among the nation’s finest art colleges. For over 150 years, AAC has helped students to find and express themselves through art. In addition to its academic offerings, AAC serves as a valuable arts and community center in Cincinnati’s Over The Rhine neighborhood. With its recent event space renovation, AAC holds dozens of classes, gallery, and cultural events open to the public.

While the paint and the passion were flowing freely at AAC, the website was clunky and outdated. USDP and the artistic professionals at AAC are pleased to debut the new, best-in-show website at

So, how do you convince a prospective student that you’re different than all the other vanilla arts institutions out there? You build a website with some really cool stuff. From the first message–“CREATE POWERFUL ART THAT’S UNIQUELY YOU”–to little touches like the cursor treatment on the home page, the AAC website is as unique and expressive as the students it represents. 

AAC desires to grow its student enrollment, so the site caters to prospective students (and their parents) first and foremost. The USDP team made it easy for prospective students to find information about programs and encourage them to visit and apply. While the old site included lots of additional pages and content, the new site is streamlined and focused.

Spend a little time on the AAC site, appreciate the talent of AAC’s faculty and students, and come check out the unique event space in OTR!

Check out the final product at 

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