David Brecount


Team member spotlight: David Brecount

Last Updated on January 20, 2023

David Brecount co-founded US Digital Partners, fixated on a simple mission: helping clients become successful on the Web. He’s now worked with hundreds of clients on creative interactive marketing projects. From websites to apps, social media ad campaigns, email marketing, video production, and StoryBrand messaging, David knows digital like a boy scout knows fire. David also shepherds our digital advertising and SEO practices as well as USDP’s internal marketing efforts.

It’s rare to find someone you’ll still root for after telling you your website, copy, and advertising stinks. But David is that guy who can guide you to a better marketing future. Straightforward, cheerful, and dedicated, David’s leadership sets the tone for USDP’s ask-us-anything culture. He’s a city guy, married with five kids, into reading, new conversations, tearing down the mountain on skis with his family, and making a fool of himself playing guitar around the campfire.

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