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Message-Based Design

Last Updated on November 10, 2020

Message-Based Design Turns Visitors into Customers. 

Seven seconds. That’s all you have to explain what you do and how it benefits customers. If your message is clear and compelling, they might stick around to determine if they’ll work with you or buy your product. Does your site pass the seven-second test?

You can transform your site into a revenue generator with a simple, affordable–and sophisticated–approach called Message-Based Design. In our 18 years in digital marketing, Message-Based Design is the best approach we’ve found to craft a site that increases sales and expands opportunities. We use this approach for our own digital marketing efforts, and we now use it with all of our clients.

Here is a customer’s old pre-paid wireless website. There are many options competing for your attention.

Message-Based Design


Here is the new website, AccessWireless.com, after applying Message-Based Design.

Message-Based Design


#1: Message-Based Design helps customers feel that you understand their needs, so they like you and want to work with you. 

No matter how remarkable your products and services, customers will bounce if you talk only about your business. Think about your in-person interactions. Are you turned off by people who only talk about themselves? Do you prefer to be around people who ask insightful questions and are interested in helping others? From the homepage to staff bios, website content should focus on the specific ways your customer benefits from your services.

#2: Message-Based Design uses simplicity to increase sales.  

Your customers are overwhelmed with information, and they’re seeking serenity. When they land on a site that’s visually clean, showing happy people using your products alongside a short, clear message, it’s bliss. And it resonates immediately and brings order, peace, and confidence into their lives. That’s not an overstatement. Message-Based Design boosts the conversion of interested visitors into paying customers.

#3: The process is simple–and it will change the trajectory of your website. 

US Digital Partners gets to know you and your business, conducts a competitive analysis, and develops a message script that articulates how you can address the challenges faced by your customers. Next, we agree on a message about your business that instantly connects with customers. Together, the script and the message elevate your branding, web design, and digital marketing. You can have the message plan ready to go in just a few hours.

Message-Based Design integrates the message plan with website design because visuals reinforce the clarity of your message and enhance understanding. So after the message plans are developed, we prototype the website to ensure that the aesthetics are in harmony with the simplified message, and we design pages to showcase brief, relevant content. Two types of calls-to-action (CTAs) are developed, and the primary one is given a prominent position on every page. Once the website is live, we can use A/B testing to gauge which messages and design elements work well and which need tweaking, so we can continually help you improve.

Here is another example of a customer’s old website.

Message-Based Design


Here is the new website, VandaliaRental.com, after applying Message-Based Design.

Message-Based Design


Many of our clients have higher-performing websites because they used Message-Based Design.

Are you ready to increase sales and get better results from your marketing efforts? 

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