Megan HD


Meet Megan Guard-Queen of the Development Team

Last Updated on August 1, 2019

Although new to the development team, Megan is already making waves as an intern here at USDP!

What’s your background?
I’ve lived in Northern Kentucky my whole life and have always loved Cincinnati. I’m currently pursuing a degree in Media Informatics at Northern Kentucky University with minors in Computer Science, Marketing, and Honors. In the past, I interned with The Kroger Company, where I did lots of Java and SQL programming.

What is your primary role at US Digital Partners?
I’m a Development Intern, meaning that I help take the designs of our clients’ websites and make them functional! I’m already seeing that there’s so many different tasks that go into creating a website, and I’m looking forward to learning how it all fits together.

Why did you want to co-op at US Digital Partners?
I found out about US Digital Partners at a career fair at NKU. I decided to look into them because I was interested in web development and after meeting the guys at the booth, I knew they were one of my top choices. Their excitement and passion for what they do is contagious and it was something that I wanted to be a part of. After my first interview, I could tell how they had created an atmosphere that would allow me to ask questions easily, help out on various tasks, and provide me with an all around great learning experience. US Digital Partners was exactly what I was looking for.

What do you think about your job so far?
This is my third week and I’m definitely not doing coffee runs! They have already given me work for client projects, which is so great. It’s awesome as an intern to already be shown that they trust me to learn and work on actual projects. I’ve already learned so much!

What do you think about the people you are working with so far?
Like I mentioned earlier, the passion at US Digital Partners is contagious. They have built such a strong community here and I am honored to be a part of it. Everyone has been so willing to help me. If I have a question, I know I can ask anyone in the office and they’ll be sure to help me out. Being the only female on the development team, I was a bit worried, but all of the guys have been so encouraging and ready to help me in any way they can. Everyone here is easy to talk to and great at what they do.

Do you have any particular goals for your work at USDP?
College is great, but it can’t fully show you what the business world will be like. I’m interested to see how my education transfers into the work I’m doing and also learn the different programming languages and softwares that the development team uses. I already know that I have so much to learn! Eventually, I’d love to be able to look at a design and plan out in my head how to attack it to make it a reality. I know that’s far down the road, but a girl can dream, right? I’m also hoping to see how US Digital Partners works with clients. It would be cool to see something go from idea to completion.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I love playing tennis, hiking, ping pong, and playing sand volleyball with my friends. I’m also a HUGE Marvel fanatic, so you can definitely catch me at the latest Marvel movie release.