St. Anthony Shrine Now Shines Online

Last Updated on May 1, 2018

New website showcases incredible imagery at this historic site

The National Shrine of St. Anthony and accompanying Friary, known familiarly as “Mt. Airy,” is perched on a hilltop overlooking Cincinnati, Ohio. Established in the late 1880s, this picturesque shrine and church currently houses 11 Franciscan friars and five men who are in the formation stage of Franciscan life.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a newly designed website,, that uses powerful imagery and a smooth, elegant layout to convey the beautiful atmosphere of the St. Anthony Shrine to viewers around the world.

Seeing is believing

The website we designed for the St. Anthony Shrine displays detailed, high-resolution photographs of the grounds and the friars at the top of each page, lending a personal touch to the Shrine’s online home. Most of the visitors to the website will never be able to make a personal pilgrimage to the shrine, so we’ve tried our best to bring the shrine to them.

Visitors can access the wealth of information this website has to offer, including the history of the Shrine, an in-depth biography of St. Anthony, and a fascinating look at the past and current roles of Franciscan friars. Part of the work of the friars is to pray for the intentions of others, so there’s new, easy-to-use functionality for prayer requests, candle lightings, offering a mass intention, and making donations. receives more online prayer requests than any other website in the world! Just by visiting the home page you can read the wonderful prayers people have written from all over the world.

Incredible photography tour

The highlight of the new St. Anthony Shrine website is the 360-degree photographic tour of the grounds. With this interactive, photography tour, visitors can explore high-definition images of the Shrine from every direction, with smooth, intuitive click-and-drag camera controls that include zooming in and out, auto rotating, hot shots, and more. Many thanks to Rack Photo for a job well done!

The photographic tour offers several different viewpoints, including the center of the main grounds, exterior and interior views of the chapel, and an interior look at the outdoor shrine—all rendered in crisp, stunning detail.

We invite you to stop by the new St. Anthony Shrine website at and see these exciting changes for yourself. And don’t forget to let us know if you like it!