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Our future home across from Sawyer Point Park and the Ohio River.

Posted: Jun 17, 2024
Last Updated: Jun 17, 2024

Map of new office location

Our future home across from Sawyer Point Park and the Ohio River.

For almost 12 years, we have conducted business from the corner of 3rd and Elm, striving to deliver winning digital marketing solutions with a cheery attitude. During those years, this space has undergone multiple renovations, as we have broken through walls, forming new spaces for team collaboration and social interaction. But a new opportunity has arisen, and it’s time for a change of view!

Starting in March 2025, we will set up shop at the Sawyer Point Building’s fourth floor overlooking the Ohio River park. The building owner, Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Company, has undertaken extensive renovations, including an overall building refresh, a new fitness center, and a beautiful rooftop deck in the works. The deck especially caught our eye on a recent visit, offering a 360-degree view of the downtown landscape and promising to be a great place to get fresh air during a busy workday, host events, and watch fireworks!🔥 However, no excitement compares to the idea of being only a short walk away from the largest collection of pickleball courts in all of Cincinnati. 🤩 Let’s just say: lunch breaks suddenly became a lot more competitive!

As much as the thought of pickleball, community spaces, and a beautiful location delights all of us, those amenities only reflect what USDP prizes most: being better together. In a changing business climate, where many companies rely on remote or hybrid work, we see the immense value in a traditional in-office approach. Having our team in person every day lends itself perfectly to our business model as an execution agency. Planning, building, launching, and analyzing websites is a tricky enough process on its own. Combine that with ad campaigns, SEO, video productions, and expert content writing, and the need becomes apparent to have a specialized place for problem solvers to collaborate.

“Like most companies, US Digital Partners quickly adapted to remote work in early 2020. We didn’t miss a beat, but that was because we had worked closely in-office for years. It didn’t take long to realize some important pieces of our work and culture were missing (e.g., shoulder-to-shoulder learning, quick conversation and collaboration, handshakes, high fives, and most of all…fun!). Also, since our clients are all over the country, we interact mostly with them on video calls. We didn’t want to interact with our fellow team members on video calls, too. As soon as we could safely return to the office, we made that change.” David Brecount, CEO and Co-Founder

The USDpeeps cleaning up the Ohio River this spring.

For almost 23 years now, this style of work has served the team well, fostering consistent growth and adaptability. Now, this move to an optimized location promises to propel the USDPeeps into a new season of growth. 🥳

Biz Courier article 6/10/24

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