The UX Design Process and How it Applies to WordPress


Kate Mock breaks down the UX design process and how it fits into WordPress. Topics include “What is user experience?”, 4 simple UX steps, why UX is important, and 5 tips to improve your UX.

Posted: Sep 5, 2017
Last Updated: Sep 5, 2017

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In this discussion, Kate Mock breaks down the UX design process and how it fits into WordPress. Topics include definition of user experience, how to create a good user experience in 4 simple steps, why UX design is important, and lastly 5 tips to improve your UX.

Designing a site takes some knowledge of the WordPress platform and how it works to deliver a killer user experience not only for the user of the site, but also for the people managing it.

Watch: How the UX design process fits into WordPress

Senior Interactive Designer, Kate Mock, speaks at the Cincinnati WordPress Meetup about the UX process, what UX is and how it’s applied not only to design but also to WordPress.

What is User Experience?

“The perception and response of a person towards design elements of software or digital media while interacting with it.” (

How to Create a Good User Experience

At US Digital Partners, we create good user experiences in 4 simple steps. The first (possibly the most important) step is Research. Here we collect data, conduct user testing/interviews, review analytics, define project goals, create user profiles, and find inspiration. The second step is Design, which we split into two sub-steps, UX design (Concepting) and UI design (Prototyping). Here we determine functionality, create wireframes, user journies, mood-boards, create full designs, prototype, and conduct internal testing to validate the design. The third step is Build, where the development and QC happens. The last step, Measure, is where we make sure goals are set and in place to calculate analytics and conversions. In the video, we talk through how this process was successful with Airplaco.

Difference Between UX and UI design

The difference between UX and UI design is simple. UX is the logic or the brains behind the design giving it purpose. UI is the pretty face that is attractive to a user. Both are important in the design process because having one without the other would either function really well but not attract people to use it, or it would look great, but the functionality wouldn’t be in place to get the users to the conversion point.

5 Things You Should Be Doing to Improve your UX

  1. Know your Audience
  2. Create Visual Hierarchy
  3. Keep Things Consistent
  4. Provide “Instant Gratification”
  5. Make the path easy

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