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12 Days of Digital Marketing

Last Updated on May 9, 2022

‘Tis the season of giving- we are giving away TWELVE fantastic digital marketing tips to get you ready for the holiday season and the new year. This year, US Digital Partners has developed a collection of incredible blog posts that will help you create a very merry marketing strategy. We have 12 Days of gifts for you, and this blog gives you access to all of them at once.

12.Landing Pages that ConvertDay 12- Landing Pages that convert

Kicking off the countdown with some high-quality info on landing pages. You can get the right clicks for the right price, but all your hard work means nothing if your landing page isn’t optimized to convert


11. Repurposing Digital Marketing

Day 11 Repurposing Digital Marketing

We are getting resourceful. If you are the type of person to trim your tree with popcorn and regift your presents with eco-friendly wrapping, this one’s for you! Okay, we confess… this blog post isn’t about sustainability. BUT you will learn how to repurpose and reuse your content (yay recycling!)


10. Vital Info about Web VitalsDay 10- Vital infor about web vitals

Stuffing our faces with holiday cookies can lead to a doctor’s appointment, or at the very least a trip to the dentist. But while you are taking care of yourself, who is checking in on your web vitals?


9. Applying for a Google Ad GrantApplying for Google Ad Grant

Giving back this time of year is a common occurrence but we will let you in on a little secret. Google gives back all year round! Learn more about Google Ad Grants and how you could be taking advantage of some free ad money.


8. Selling Direct to Consumers

Day 8 Selling Direct to consumers

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen! Gear up your reindeer, it’s time to get your products directly in the hands of your consumer. 

What? No reindeer? No need. We can get you selling directly to your consumer in no time with these tips.


7. The Perfect Website Checklist

Day 7 The perfect website checklist

Lucky number 7 lands us with the Perfect Website Checklist. Does your website pass the test? See how it measures up in our blog post.


6. Upgrading with Storybrand

Day 6 Upgrading with Story Brand

Nothing like reading a good book next to a warm fire. You’ve got your hot cocoa, a blanket, some fuzzy slippers… Now imagine that book has no plot to follow. Holiday bliss RUINED! You wouldn’t want your website to have the same effect would you? #nope. Let’s get your writing on track with our secrets to Storybrand.


5. Top 5 SEM Mistakes to Avoid

Day 5 Top 5 SEM mistakes to Avoid

Five days remain in the countdown, and for that we have our Top 5 SEM mistakes to avoid! Take a look to see if you have had a digital marketing faux pas and how to fix it.


4. Are online reviews important?

Day 4 Are online reviews important

Although carol singing and the ringing of a bell choir are beautiful sounds to behold, nothing beats the voices of a fantastic review of your company! But what happens when the voices aren’t so nice? Find out how to handle the good, the bad, and the ugly company reviews in our blog post.


3. SEO for Video

Day 3 SEO for Video

Joy to the world, video blog posts have been delivered! Unpack all the SEO tips for your footage to get your videos ranking


2. Checking your Website Ranking

Day 2 Checking your Website ranking

Having the best holiday decorations on the block is one thing. You can add twinkle lights, some snow-covered pine, or colorful ornaments to make your house outshine anyone’s on the street. Outranking your competitors on the web is a little more difficult. Read along to see how you can spruce up your website ranking.


1. Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

Day 1 Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

🎵 Baby, all I want for Christmas…is a successful way to drive leads to my site. 🎵

At the end of the day, isn’t that what we’re all looking for? If you’re in need of the #1 gift that TRULY keeps on giving, check out our popular step-by-step guide to building a digital marketing sales funnel that works!

That’s all folks! We hope you have a fantastic holiday season and enjoyed these digital marketing tips. Stay tuned for new blog posts in the new year filled with more digital marketing tips and tricks. (psst….Can’t wait till the next blog post-release? Feel free to contact us with your questions!)