Gorilla Truck Bed Liner


Gorilla Glue has always been used for the Toughest Jobs on Planet Earth and now they have a NEW product that makes your truck bed liner incredibly tough! Gorilla Truck Bed Liner is a textured, spray-on product that protects surfaces from scratches, rust, and water damage. USDP was fortunate enough to team up with GG to design and develop a new marketing site to promote the launch of their new products.


Our team also filmed an awesome product overview and how-to video. Check it out here.


Digital Marketing Services Used: Web Design, Web Development, StoryBrand, Video/Photograpy Production


How-to videos were created to show users exactly how to apply the truck bed liner product. That was a fun shoot :)

Step-by-step instructions are located on the site for those who like to follow directions from a list.

The Professional spray-on product can cover an entire truck bed, wheel wells, bumpers, and undercarriage—heck you can cover your whole truck if you want to.

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