Cincinnati Classical Academy


It’s never easy to open a new school and particularly difficult to develop a new brand that represents the philosophy, values, and standards that the institution promotes. Classical approached USDP about a new school brand that encompasses the idea of Classical Education for K-12 students. Using a classic font (Trajan), traditional imagery (Eagle & Shield), and subtle nods to the natural sciences (the Golden Angle), we worked closely with the Classical team to develop an engaging mark that stands out among other schools in the regional area.

Classical’s mission is the development of minds and nourishment of hearts through a content-rich curriculum in the classical liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in moral character and civic virtue. We kept this in mind as we went through the strategy, discovery, and design of the brand. A classic brand for a classical education.


Digital marketing services used: StoryBrand, Branding, Web Design, Web Development


Business Cards

As part of the brand development, our design team created business cards, billboards, and other collateral for the brand launch.

Ornate Eagle

The ornate eagle is a brand element that can be used in various formats including background images, flags, banners, and textures for print and the website.

T-shirt Design

USDP also had an opportunity to expand marketing efforts into apparel design, signage, tumblers, mugs, and other school support materials.

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