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Elevate your company with a brand mark that differentiates your business and builds affinity for your brand.

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So much depends upon your logo conveying the right meaning. Your logo should reflect your company’s vision and align with how you want to be seen by the world, so you can attract new customers. It should also be contemporary without being trendy, and work as well in social media ads as it does in a magazine article. Your branding agency should help you achieve all of this–whether you’re creating an entirely new logo or revisiting an existing one.  

As a Cincinnati branding agency, USDP understands the importance of clear and compelling communication, which is why we use an approach called Message-Based Design that’s proven to grow businesses.

Message-Based Design is a simple, affordable--and sophisticated--approach to designing a logo or a website that will transform how your brand is perceived.

Before beginning the design process, our creative team gets to know your business, conducts a competitive analysis, and develops a message script that articulates how you can address the challenges faced by your customers. Next, we agree on a clear message about your business that instantly resonates. Together, the script and the message serve as a powerful guide for brand work that follows. US Digital Partners has successfully helped dozens of businesses using this approach.

Whether you are pleased with your current identity or need a new logo, USDP’s seasoned brand designers and brand strategists can help. Our team can deliver new design options and style guides that leave you confident in the clarity of your message–and we can ensure your logo is placed in proper context on your website.

What you get with US Digital Partners, a Cincinnati Branding Agency:

Industry Research
Color & Font Selections
Message Scripting
Style and Photography Options
Brand Logo Concepts
Brand Style Guides

Want to build a brand with staying power? Start with a fresh logo that’s uniquely yours.

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