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You should know…

There are a few things you should know before you decide you’re interested in USDP. It’s worth mentioning so you know what you’re getting into.

  • We focus on digital design, development, video production, and marketing. That’s not going to change and you should want that to be the focus of your career, too.
  • We need people who are always trying to help others, improve what they do, and volunteer for new projects.
  • We certainly think a formal education is important, but it’s not the most important thing. We are interested in people who can communicate with our clients and have the ability to meet our technical or design needs. We are looking for much more than what you learned in school.
  • We don’t have job titles.
  • We believe in complete honesty in everything.
  • If you cannot write well (as we will soon find out), please dramatically improve those skills before reaching out to us.

Before answering these questions, please review our latest openings.

Web Developer

Digital Advertising Analyst


Some of our benefits…

  • Great paychecks
  • Bonuses twice a year based on performance
  • 401k + matching
  • Paid for home internet access
  • Paid for downtown Cincinnati parking
  • Continued professional development with training and conferences
  • A Mac laptop
  • A debt-free company that likes to invest in employees and the future
  • More parties, happy hours, and surprise outings than you can handle
  • The best group of people you’ll ever work with, like the crew in this video!

US Digital Partners Summer Picnic 2016 from us digital partners on Vimeo.

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