Three things you can do to improve your website, increase sales, and attract more customers

Last Updated on October 20, 2023

1. Create a clear message. 

Be direct about how customers’ lives will improve or how you can eliminate a pain point with your product or service. Spell it out for them. People don’t want to think–they want the easy button.

If this is the only point you remember–and the one you implement–you will increase sales, gain more customers, and help your own employees speak more confidently about what they do (which also helps increase sales).

Most websites–and digital marketing efforts–fail because the message is muddy, so customers can’t quickly understand how they will be served by your business, service, or product.

Here’s an example of the wrong way to talk about your business:  

At Forever Tires, we believe in making great tires that last a lifetime. We are a family-owned business that wants to give you the best service.

So what? So what if you believe in making great tires and want to give me the best service? How does that help me?

Here’s how that statement could look by answering “so what” and directly addressing how these amazing tires benefit people. 

Forever Tires 

Save money and time by installing tires on your vehicle that last a lifetime. You shouldn’t have to worry about wear and tear on your tires or dread the cost of replacing them. With Forever Tires, you buy one and you’re done. Choose the smarter way to drive.

Although customer-focused copy is just one step to clarifying your message, we really can’t emphasize this point enough. A lack of marketing knowledge or budget constraints shouldn’t prevent you from knocking this one out of the park. See how you can simplify your message and improve your website with Message-Based Design.

Here’s an example of a client website where the message was not very clear when we started working with them.

Improve your website

And here’s the new website,, with a clear message.

Improve Your Website

2. Use images that show happy people using your product or service.

Show people the outcome of working with you. Do you make trophies? Show the joy of someone receiving an award, rather than an image of a trophy. Do you sell auto parts? Show a mechanic using that part to fix a vehicle. Help people consider how beautiful/smart/relaxed they’ll be by using your product or service.

Boring product photo.

Improve Your Website


Really cool product photo.

Improve Your Website

3. Tell people what you want them to do. 

One of the reasons digital marketing efforts fail is because businesses don’t ask people to take a specific action, whether that’s “Buy Now” or “Get a Free Sticker.” Set aside sheepish feelings about sounding sales-y, and come up with two clear calls-to-action to improve your website. One should ask customers to contact you, and the other should offer something valuable for free in exchange for their basic contact information.

Here are some examples of good calls-to-actions. We customize the right wording for your business.

  • Start Your Free Trial
  • Find A Store
  • Watch Our Video
  • Rent Equipment Today
  • Find A Home
  • Book Your Vacation
  • Find A Doctor
  • Get Started
  • Get A Free Estimate
  • See Upcoming Shows

We use these–and many other tactics–in our Message-Based Design approach. It’s a simple, affordable–and sophisticated–way to design your website that will dramatically change the results of your investment. It’s the strongest way we’ve found in 15+ years of business to set your website up for success.

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By: Mark Miller

Mark is a Client Leader at USDP. He has two dogs, one wife, and many bottles of bourbon.