HGC Construction

Posted: Jun 29, 2022
Last Updated: Jun 29, 2022

HGC Construction, a long-standing commercial construction company in Cincinnati, aims to build better every day. In today’s turbulent labor market, one of the best ways to build better relationships with prospective team members is to showcase a company’s real personality, values, and drive. With this engagement recruitment video, that’s precisely what the creatives at USDP helped HGC Construction achieve with our video production services.

By working directly with HGC Construction team members to understand their unique stories, see the varied ways HGC Construction supports its people, and learn about the company’s goals, we were able to capture dialogue and B-roll to craft a story specifically-primed to resonate with HGC Construction’s target audience. The resulting video highlights HGC’s culture, describes the company’s capabilities and services, and visually captures the company’s morals and professionalism. Clear, engaging video editing work and energetic use of audio cues make this recruitment video one guaranteed to stand out!

Ultimately, USDP sought to give HGC a tool the company can use to better build up its own community. This video invites all who view it to join the HGC movement. Anyone who experiences this dynamic, efficient video will instantly sense that the HGC movement is one worth joining!

Digital Marketing Services Used: Video Production.

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