Posted: Aug 30, 2021
Last Updated: Aug 30, 2021

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Traditional “configure, price, quote” software is made for selling products, leaving service-based organizations to rely on spreadsheets instead of automated software. This frustrating and time consuming process is made simple with a groundbreaking tool called PSQuote. Developed by CLD Partners, PSQuote enables organizations to easily create services quotes within Salesforce, and use that information to build statements of work, track sales, and manage projects.

After CLD developed their groundbreaking tool, they came to USDP to help them design and launch a brand that would help it stand out as industry-leading technology. The CLD team wanted the PSQuote brand to tie to the original CLD Partners brand, but still have unique elements. USDP accomplished this by using CLD’s signature blue color and styling the “Q” in PSQuote to look like a wrench—a symbol that’s both meaningful and memorable. Service organizations will have no doubt that PSQuote is the perfect tool for the job!

Digital Marketing Services Used: Branding.


PSQuote logo with different shades of blue

While the CLD blue is the main color, we wanted PSQuote to have a flexible color palette so that the branding has room to grow and be exciting.

The Q mark from the logo

The “Q” mark can stand alone or with the conjunction of the overall name. Ultimately, PSQuote is a “tool” for Salesforce and if you look closely you might see one.

Professional services quoting

Brand activiation allows for flexibility with look and feel, but also let’s the design elements be playful and memorable for users.

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