What you see is what you get

Last Updated on August 11, 2016

If you are reading this post, then chances are you’ve been through our website and learned a little about US Digital Partners. What was your reaction? What impressions did we leave you with?

When we set out to create this version of our website, we wanted to show exactly who we are: we are a small, local, down-to-earth company; we wanted to show great examples of our work; we wanted to share some marketing ideas. These are our strengths and what we value most. Clients hire us to plan, design, and build custom websites and interactive marketing campaigns. Every project is different and requires different skills to successfully complete.

In the website design and interactive marketing world, we have lots of competition. Many of our competitors are much larger “full-service” agencies. They have client leaders, client advocates, client innovators, project managers, traffic managers, and many other layers of people who don’t actually do the design or technical work. We believe clients should work directly with the people (no titles needed) doing their work. Small teams work better!

What you’ve seen on our website is what you can expect from us. We celebrate our strengths, and our clients have encouraged us not to change a thing. Thanks for your time and interest in US Digital Partners!