Lena HD


Welcome Lena Rose- Design Intern Extraordinaire

Meet Lena, the newest member of the design team. She is ready to take on any challenge thrown her way and is conquering each design program one step at a time.

What’s your background?
I am going into my 4th year of college at the University of Cincinnati. I got my deaf studies certificate in the Sign Language Interpreting program at UC in my first 2 years of college and then switched to DAAP (Design, Architecture, Art, Planning) for my third year, where I will continue into my fourth year in the fall. I am in the Fine Arts program leaning towards digital design, and my first co-op is here with US Digital Partners!

What is your primary role at US Digital Partners?
My role during my co-op as an interactive designer is to develop my skills in designing websites and banner ads, producing wireframes and assisting in maintenance work.

Why did you want to co-op at US Digital Partners?
I chose US Digital Partners because I want to learn from the best and create cutting-edge solutions that satisfy our clients’ and users’ wants and needs.

What do you think about your job so far?
I have enjoyed my time so far and have learned a lot in my first two weeks here. I am grateful for this opportunity to work with USDP and I look forward to developing my skills more throughout my time here.

What do you think about the people you are working with so far?
The USDP team is very talented, welcoming, and easy to work with. Everyone cares for one another and shows enthusiasm, respect, and determination to help each of our clients as best they can with what they need. Everyone’s attitude and unique personality is what makes the office a great environment to work in.

Do you have any particular goals for your work at USDP?
I want to grow in my professionalism and absorb as much knowledge as I can so that I can be a full-fledged digital designer. I also want to assist in creating solutions for clients and help the team as much as I can during my development process.

What do you like to do outside of work?
Outside of work I like to create artwork in my free time and collaborate with different artists. I like to travel when I can, and I am learning to play piano again after a long hiatus. I also enjoy teaching private swim lessons and love to spend time with my family and friends.