Translating the atmosphere to a virtual reality

Last Updated on August 11, 2016

Have you ever gone in search of the perfect gift only to stumble across it in the corner of a bookstore, of all places? The inviting atmosphere kept you wandering around the store, taking your time, exploring the selection—a relaxing experience with a victory at the end.

Berean isn’t just a Christian bookstore—it is a trusted source of Biblically-based products, serving the Christian community for almost 80 years by nurturing and growing the faith of its customers. Over the years, the selection has grown from a few hundred offerings in one Cincinnati-based store to over 100,000 products available online or in one of their 18 stores in Ohio, Arizona, and California. The focus on customer service and providing a huge variety of Christian products prompted Berean to team up with US Digital Partners to revamp its website with the goal of emulating the easy, pleasant shopping experience provided in the stores and expanding its accessibility to the Christian community everywhere through its online presence.

Bringing to life the familiar comfort in exploring the offerings was our top design priority for Berean’s website. We’ve eliminated the pushy, chaotic busy-ness of the typical bookstore website and in its place we’ve highlighted the incredible, easy-to-navigate selection that will keep you coming back for more. You will experience the virtual version of the pleasant atmosphere when you browse through their physical locations; go ahead—meander around the site, take your time checking out the products, and this time you won’t be so surprised with that clutch find in the corner of the (online) bookstore when you’re in search of the perfect gift. If you’re not careful, you will most certainly lose track of time, just like you do when you visit the Berean stores.

This is only the beginning. We have more in the works to ensure Berean Christian Bookstores becomes a highly visible and dependable online source of products for the Christian community. So stay tuned!