The Recipe for a Perfect Website

Last Updated on August 11, 2016

When it comes to interactive marketing, ingredients matter.

If you love apple pie, chances are you know the difference between a frozen, store-bought version and a fantastic, fresh homemade one. But what does apple pie have to do with websites? In broad terms, there are two kinds of website designers—one is like a frozen pie, and the other is like a savory homemade pastry.

Cookie-cutter websites at rock-bottom prices: The frozen pies of the industry

Frozen apple pies are mass-produced so that each one is virtually the same as the next. They use the cheapest ingredients, rather than the best or the freshest, and include additives like sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate (whatever those are).

These pies do serve a certain purpose. They’re fast and cheap, and they do the job—you can look at one, and know that it’s apple pie. However, while eating this pie may provide temporary satisfaction, it’s probably not going to leave a lasting impression. Ultimately, it’s forgettable and, as nutritionist know, it’s simply not worth the calories (a.k.a. cost).

When you hire a cheap website company that cranks out websites with templates and other shortcuts, you’re getting a frozen pie. Your website will be functional. Everyone can look at it and say, “Hey, that’s a website.” But it’s not likely to be memorable or effective.

Why quality interactive design and development are like homemade pie

The best apple pies come from the finest ingredients: the perfect fresh apples, quality sugar and spices, real butter and special flour for the crust. While it costs a little more and takes a little more time, the end result is worth the expense—and the wait.

In addition to ingredients, there is method and experience to consider. Some apple pie recipes are better than others. And the quality of the finished product depends on the experience of the baker—little Susie’s first attempt isn’t likely to be as amazing as Aunt Ruth’s award-winning showpiece.

When you combine the best quality ingredients with the finest methods and experience, you come out with an unforgettable apple pie—one that people will talk about, and forever hold as the gold standard against other pies.

So, when you work with a quality interactive marketing company who considers their design work to be a craft, uses the best available technology, and proven methodology backed by years of experience, you’ll end up with a brand or website or app or social media campaign that people will enjoy and remember.

USDP: Creating memorable desserts—er, delicious web treats

We combine our design skills, processes, code quality, and marketing experience to craft interactive projects that stand out from the crowd, creating inviting and attractive online homes for our clients. The ingredients that we put into each project ensure that you receive an original, unforgettable finished product. Just like Aunt Ruth’s apple pie.