The Cinci-Cart-Ic Race

Last Updated on March 27, 2018

Five employees from US Digital Partners raced around Cincinnati and Newport this past weekend, each dressed as a character from the popular Candy Land board game.  Are we lunatics?  Not this time!  Along with many other teams, we were taking part in the wacky “Cinci-Cart-Ic Race, an annual event benefitting the Freestore Food Bank.

The USDP team at the Cinciditarod 2013

Pictured here: Kelsey Gallagher, Andrew Duthie, Michael Whelan, Jesy Herron, and Kate Mock.

Based upon the Alaskan Iditarod, the “Cinci-Cart-Ic Race” had teams, each with their own theme and customized shopping carts, race around the area to select checkpoints.  At every checkpoint, teams faced unique challenges, ranging from a song and dance contest, eating ice cream and chugging 2 liters of soda to trivia on Cincinnati’s history.

Our lunatics!

After a grueling five miles, we made it to the finish line intact (our pride included!).  We assume our accomplishment is on-par with the original Iditarod, but that might be up for debate.

2013 Cinci-Cart-Ic Race on Fountain Square from 3CDC on Vimeo.