Rebecca Corgan


Team member spotlight: Rebecca Corgan

Last Updated on October 12, 2021

As a content strategist with USDP, Rebecca dives deep into the stories that connect with audiences. Rebecca leverages her researcher-turned-storyteller background to make the complicated simple. She works with USDP’s creative team to guide clients through the StoryBrand process. She then develops practical, purposeful content that helps get companies where they want to be. Throughout her writing career, Rebecca has produced magnetic marketing materials and winning web copy for clients big and small, across a wide variety of industries—from pharmaceutical and health research to environmental science, education, travel and more.

Rebecca spends most of her non-writing hours writing anyway; but when she’s not scribbling, she’s painting a wall or exploring an art museum downtown. She drinks terrifyingly strong coffee and enjoys spinning mostly-true tales for her friends whenever they will listen. Rebecca currently lives with two gigantic puppies and one regular-sized husband in Cincinnati, OH.