Team Member Spotlight: Jesy Herron

Last Updated on May 6, 2020

What happens when you combine a Star Wars loving theater nerd and a family-oriented marketing boss? You get Jesy Herron, of course! This woman wears all the hats and does it with style and grace. Learn all about Jesy in this week’s spotlight interview.

What’s your role at USDP?

When you work for a small business you tend to have many roles. I’m primarily responsible for bringing in new business through prospective and existing relationships. Outside of business development, I work closely with our clients and team members to help solve complex marketing challenges. I work with some incredibly talented individuals who not only push me to be my best self but push our clients to greatness as well.

What’s your background?

For almost 12 years I’ve had the opportunity to be a USDP team member and prior to that I worked in the digital printing industry.

Why did you want to work with USDP?

After being introduced to Mark Miller at an American Marketing Association board meeting and then having the chance to meet the other partners — I was hooked! The whole team of USDP team members (which was maybe 8 at the time) were all men and they were needing a woman’s touch, haha! More importantly, they were DOING amazing digital projects and I could learn so much from them. USDP took a huge chance on me and I’m forever grateful.

What are your interests/activities outside of work? 

As a full-time professional and mom, my outside of work activities revolve around my husband, my kids and my community. As a family, we love Star Wars and it’s common to find me having an intense lightsaber battle with my kids or rewatching one of my favorite Star Wars movies. One of my newer passions is backyard gardening and as it turns out, I’m pretty good at it! My kids and I grow a variety of fruits and vegetables every summer from watermelon to spaghetti squash and we love to share the harvest with our family and neighbors. I’m typically the one in my family that comes up with hair-brained ideas (we just bought a Frenchie this weekend) and makes all the weekend plans that tend to keep us busy with friends and family.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Selling is in my blood thanks to my dad and I guess I always knew that I would be doing something in sales and marketing from a young age. I would put on commercials for random household objects like Deep Shine Pledge, do you remember that product? My parents would film me saying things like, “Hello young mothers, do you need a cleaning product that will take care of the dusting?” Who could have guessed that I would be selling in a digital agency? I feel like the luckiest person to love what I do, not many people get to say that. Side note, I’ll have to dig up these old home-video commercials. 

What are you known for at work? What’s your MO?

Oh boy, not sure I want to answer this question honestly! I would guess that I’m known for things like having high expectations for myself and for my teammates. I tend to be the one that pushes – whether that’s for a client deadline, for an idea that challenges our team or for a teammate to believe in themselves. I’m also known for being super chatty (gasp) and talking your ear off with random stories or just anything so I can talk, can’t help myself. Who are we kidding, I’m also known for my love of wine and Tito — but not together!

What would your autobiography be called?

HA! George watched me ride my bike out of our driveway a few summers ago and overheard me shout out to the concerned Fed-Ex man that I almost ran over. “I’m not going to run you over but I’m not stopping either.” We both laughed later when George told me that he instantly knew that would be the title of my autobiography. Those of you who know me are probably laughing on the inside and thinking, yep that’s Jesy.