Team Member Spotlight: Daniel Calderon

Last Updated on July 22, 2021

Between traveling, EDM concerts, and eating all the hot wings, interactive designer Daniel Calderon is always on the move. Learn more about this #USDPeep in our latest Employee Spotlight.

What’s your role at USDP?
As an Interactive Designer at US Digital Partners, I work collaboratively with team members and clients to develop dynamic, clear, and concise designs. I take B2B, B2C, and SaaS companies through a dependable design process which includes user experience research and design, rapid prototyping, and user testing.

What’s your background?
Growing up in Cincinnati, I have strong ties to the community, but have also enjoyed international travel. My family is multicultural which has given me opportunities to view my environment and events from various perspectives. These perspectives have inherently influenced my creativity and interests in design.

I have had some fantastic art and design teachers throughout my high school and college years, who nurtured and broadened my artistic thinking and skills. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design from Northern Kentucky University in 2013. I currently reside in beautiful Bellevue, Kentucky with my wife, Molly.

Why did you want to work with USDP?
I have always loved the synergy between art and computers, so graphic design was a natural fit for me. My co-workers and clients are the best, and they keep me excited to come into work everyday. I truly love the process of developing a design, which allows me the opportunity to use my skills, express ideas, and share with others.

What are your interests/activities outside of work? 
Besides my work, I’m really into music and travel. Spicy foods are also something I relish, and I have yet to meet a hot wing that I couldn’t handle.

What did you want to be when you grew up? 
 As a small child, I was obsessed with Legos and drawing, which made a career in design a natural fit.

What’s your work philosophy?

  • Curiosity: If you don’t know something, ask!
  • Humbleness: Support and champion the people around you.
  • Clarity: To be unclear is to be unkind. Over communicate and follow up.
  • Smile: They are often contagious.

What is something you believe that almost nobody agrees with you on?
It’s pronounced JIF, not GIF.

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By: Daniel Calderon

Daniel is an interactive designer here at USDP.
He may or may not have second-degree burns in his mouth from his love of hot sauce.