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StoryBrand Private Workshops

Get clear on your messaging through a one-on-one workshop.

Have you ever wanted to attend a Donald Miller StoryBrand workshop in Nashville, but haven’t had the time or can’t take your whole team? Do you want your marketing to generate more leads?

Here at USDP, we’re not just a StoryBrand certified agency. We are also trained and certified StoryBrand Facilitators who will put on a StoryBrand private workshop for your company. This is a great opportunity to get one-on-one training for you and your team so you can become the guide that solves customer’s problems.

That’s right. You can get the full StoryBrand private workshop experience without ever having to leave town.

How it Works

USDP will lead your company through a day and a half workshop, either in-person or virtual. Together, your team will learn the key to great storytelling and how this can be applied to grow your business. As a team, you’ll craft a BrandScript and brand narratives, and create marketing materials to test with your customers, on your website, in email marketing, and more. Your company will leave the StoryBrand private workshop with common messaging and a game-plan for improving your marketing.


The Benefits of a Private Workshop

  • Your team will get USDP’s undivided attention. We’ll work on refining your message and writing a clear and compelling brand script for your company. You get to completely focus on your business and your marketing messages.
  • The one-on-one experience is dynamic and energetic. Our team will help you brainstorm, get the creative juices flowing, and put your ideas into words.
  • You’ll finally be able to talk about your company in a clear and effective way. Next time you’re at a party and someone asks what you do for a living, you’ll blow them away with your answer.
  • You’ll walk away with loads and loads of great content to put on your website, in emails, etc.
  • When you clarify your message, you’ll be shocked at how your business starts flourishing like never before. That’s because, in the words of Donald Miller, “Clarity wins every time.”

Meet Your StoryBrand Facilitator

David Brecount giving a talk

David Brecount discovered StoryBrand in 2015 and it has given him a new way of thinking about all aspects of digital marketing. He is a trained and certified StoryBrand Facilitator.


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