Speaking to Future Business Leaders of America at Anderson High School

Last Updated on August 11, 2016

It is always a good thing to give back to your community contributing your skills and talents. When asked to be guest speakers at one of Anderson High School’s FBLA classes to talk about Web Design, USDP was excited to contribute their expertise.

An Anderson High School Junior with interest to pursue a career in web design contacted USDP to come and speak to her and her fellow Junior FBLA classmates. Kate Mock and Jesy Herron accepted the invitation excitedly.

“When asked to present to a local high school class about web design, not only was I super excited about sharing my skills and experience, but I was also interested in learning from the students about what drives them and what their generation is looking for in a career” Kate discussed after her experience.

We engaged in discussions about where to start when thinking about a professional career; what talents, skills, passions and goals each student has, and also the steps to take to reach their goals. There was a wide array of interests from all different fields ranging from business to video production.

Part of the discussion was a day in the life of a web designer, where Kate led the group through her past and present experiences of how she got where she is today at USDP. This was relevant to the students from a sense of finding what you love, targeting those passions and moving forward with a plan. Other notable items of discussion were current design trends & technologies in web design, some of USDP’s current successful projects, and also what the students can do now. The takeaways of what they can do now were to take advantage of all classes offered to you (active learning), get involved and get experience.

We were very impressed with the interest and detailed questions from Mr. Cook’s FBLA Junior class and wish you all the best of luck in the upcoming years as you set out to reach your goals!