Sharing Courage raises the bar once again

Last Updated on August 11, 2016

Sometimes finding purpose in what you do is a piece of cake. For all of us at US Digital Partners, it’s a piece of pink cake. We’ve just launched our 4th generation of We teamed up, once again, with Kroger for this project and are pleased to announce their partnership with PepsiCo this year. The 2011 campaign spotlights 53 Kroger associates along with 11 PepsiCo associates – all who are breast cancer survivors.

You can see their faces and read their stories on in-store material and on customized packages of national and corporate-brand items sold exclusively in Kroger stores across the country. On , PepsiCo adds a pretty neat addition this year with videos of survivors and a photo shoot with NFL players, Eli Manning and Mark Sanchez.

All of this happened over a three month period of coordinating with Kroger, dozens of consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies and multiple agencies. The end product is something we’re proud of – and something we hope will continue to make a difference in the lives of woman currently fighting breast cancer.

We know our efforts are working. In April 2011, this message came to the Kroger Customer Contact Center. “I bought a box of Post Raisin Bran in October 2010, a few days before my biopsy. (I had not bought Raisin Bran in years!) On the back of the box was Donna J’s encouraging story! When the results from my biopsy confirmed I had breast cancer, I read Donnas’ story again. She was the first one, besides my husband and God, to give me courage and to tell me I could make it thru this! I have just been told this week, I am now cancer free (and I was stage 3!) Please tell Donna she means so much to me and I appreciate her telling her story to me (via cereal box). I really do believe God used her to help me in my cancer journey! She made a difference in my attitude!”

This is why we do this work. Until there is a cure, we’ll give a helping hand.