Are you getting fresh with me?

Last Updated on March 27, 2018

With allergy season just behind us (sniff, sniff), USDP has been focused on Puffs. Collaborating with Little Busy Bodies, LLC, who developed an exciting and innovative line of natural saline facial wipes, Puffs Fresh Faces.  We have created a newly branded website that introduces four unique scents: light lavender, fragrance free, fresh scent, and the scent of Vicks (cold season).  Each scent variation comes in two sizes, one for use at home and a smaller take along size.

Puffs Fresh Faces responsive mobiel website design

For this interactive project we wanted to highlight the product as well as invite consumers to try them.  The website was developed to introduce the product to women and has attractive promotions that include a luxury spa weekend giveaway, a $2 off coupon, a product promotional club, and a quarterly gift box full of fresh new beauty and wellness product samples meant to surprise and pamper women.

Puffs is showing great innovation by taking “wet wipes” in a new direction. Using a simple, natural, and effective saline clean solution (water+salt,) rather than various chemicals found in competitor’s products, Puffs Fresh Faces can gently clean as well as sooth and smooth the most delicate skin without irritation.

Try Puffs Fresh Faces today!  You’ll agree it’s all you need!