Saline Soothers


Brought to you by the Boogie Wipes geniuses at Nehemiah Manufacturing, comes a ‘Boogie Wipe’ for adults. Introducing Saline Soothers, a natural saline wipe to soothe and moisturize noses irritated by colds and allergies. We’ve created a new website introducing this new product to consumers and allowing them to capitalize on some multi-pack offers. Get your free packs today!

Digital Marketing Services Used: Web Design, Web Development, Digital Advertising


The site was designed to build off a great product launch video, "Quincy and His Cold." It was important to integrate with the advertising campaign so consumers know exactly how to use the product.

With the initial product launch, there were some e-commerce kick-off promotions. Buying Saline Soothers online, you were bound to get at least one free pack with any purchase.

Educating users on the benefits of this product was one of the most important parts of this direct marketing campaign since it is a completely new product.

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