Prasco Park


In the redesign process of Prasco Park, our main goal was rooted in improving the overall customer experience and matching it to the actual experience they would receive being at the ballpark. Prasco Park endeavors to provide a safe, enjoyable, and family-friendly atmosphere for all players, parents, families, coaches, and spectators.

To start, we restructured the overall sitemap making things easier to find overall, then we moved towards improving the user interface (UI) and gave the site a friendly and professional feel with an aesthetic facelift. The final product very much reflects their mission and values being family friendly and fully serving the community in everything they do.

Digital Marketing Services Used: Web Design, Web Development, Video Production


Prasco Park Event Page Design

Baseball and community events are Prasco Park's bread and butter. Showcasing these events with detailed pages help their customers find the details they need to plan for the events.

Prasco Park Photo Gallery Categorization

Photography was a top priority of the new site, showcasing the park and people of the community spending time with their families. We created a photo gallery with sub-categories of fans, spikes baseball, theme nights and park amenities for easy photo browsing.

Highlighting the amenities at Prasco with lots of photos was an important piece to improving the customer expectations when they arrive at the ballpark.

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