O’Gara Armoring


For more than 140 years, O’Gara Armoring has been the world’s most trusted producer of comprehensive armoring solutions for military and commercial vehicles. O’Gara’s attention to detail and superior engineering capabilities help soldiers and dignitaries survive the most intense situations. The new website simplifies the message, demonstrates its full service capabilities, and is driving new business leads around the world.

In our leadership interviews one O’Gara business development person (and former Army officer) said: “I know soldiers who survived and walked away from this mangled vehicle because of O’Gara’s engineering and attention to detail. It doesn’t get any more real than that.”

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It’s the end-to-end services and capabilities that set O’Gara apart. They’ll even service their vehicles in the harshest battle conditions.

From buggy maker to protecting presidents to futuristic blast resistant military vehicles, the timeline features important milestones and key dates in the company’s 150 year history.

That might look like a run-of-the-mill black suburban, but if you cut it in half you’ll find a vehicle that can withstand almost anything. The vehicle section of the site allows the government to see great photos and all the performance details.

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