Monteverdi Tuscany: SOBE Wine & Food Festival Campaign


Monteverdi was excited to be attending one of the world renown wine and food festivals, the SOBE Wine & Food Festival hosted by The Food Network. Our team was equally excited to support our client as they headed south to open the doors of Monteverdi on South Beach. USDP prepped and storyboarded a two-day video and photo shoot then created a digital campaign for the South Beach festival promoting Chef Giancarla and the enticing food she prepared each night they were in attendance. The campaign toolbox consisted of a teaser video with Chef inviting patrons to South Beach, recipe landing pages with video shorts of Chef making each recipe and an email drip campaign follow up. You can see all pages of the campaign: Recipe 1: Phyllo Basket, Recipe 2: Sweet Krapfen, Recipe 3: Potato Croquettes but we dare you not to leave hungry.


Following the SOBE event, we created an email journey following up with the Sweepstakes subscribers. Each email was sent with a recipe that was served at the event.

Four videos were created one for each recipe (Potato Croquettes, Sweet Krapfen, Phyllo Baskets) along with a Culinary Week promotion by Chef Giancarla.

We conducted a photo and video shoot to capture the recipes being created by Chef Giancarla along with other shots of her cooking in the kitchen to be used across the campaign.

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