Knovation Learning


Text books get a failing grade in providing up-to-date learning for today’s students. Google is timely but teachers need more relevant, age-appropriate content to augment their daily lessons. Knovation Learning is at the head of the class when it comes to providing school districts with new learning opportunities for today’s students. Knovation combs through hundreds of educational resources and presents school districts with the most relevant and appropriate curriculum for their particular age and subject. Knovation brings learning to 2016 and now they have a website that brings their innovative and exciting learning tool to 2016 as well.

Digital Marketing Services Used: Web Design, Web Development


Interchangeable cards give the Knovation team the ability to easily swap out info on interior pages - whether it's a video, a testimonial, or an image with text.

Clear calls to action on the homepage allow users to be segmented into 3 different categories based on what they're looking for.

Bold testimonial panels on the homepage highlight a few of the great things customers have had to say about Knovation.

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