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KBSO Consulting LLC was founded by Kelley Bieghler and Seun Odukomaiya, who have a goal not to be a boring engineering firm. They push the boundaries of possibilities to deliver high quality, sustainable solutions through collaborative engineering. They also have a fabulous work culture and have a lot of fun creating solutions for their clients. KBSO Consulting has a simple mantra: We can do better. That means so much better than what their clients have experienced in the past.

US Digital Partners helped KBSO deliver on that mantra by creating a clear and sophisticated website experience. Using Message-Based Design, USDP created the new website focusing the visitor’s attention on KBSO’s disciplines, professionals, and featured projects.

Digital Marketing Services Used: Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Digital Advertising, StoryBrand Execution


KBSO Consulting project details page on MacBook Pro.

Highlighting projects first allows customers to see KBSO's work viewing high quality imagery and descriptions.

Image of KBSO Consulting website with list of all their projects

A full project section allows potential customers to see all the industries KBSO touches.

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A responsive site allows viewers to see the same content no matter what the device.

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