Huber Management Corporation


Huber Management Corporation is a residential and commercial real estate company spanning five generations. Huber already had a great reputation and presence in Dayton, OH, but the next generation of ownership wanted a fresh look with an eye towards the future. After some discussions and research, USDP hit the refresh button with a brand identity that connected the past to the future. A distinct characteristic of a Huber home is the roof pitch. Yep, doesn’t seem like much, but Huber mastered how to build reliable homes for a very affordable price. USDP took this angle of the roof into account and created a logo that was bold and recognizable, and included subtle elements like the slope of the letters and the background patterns. With this new brand in hand, Huber is now activating new marketing efforts with updates to the website, messaging, print materials, signs, swag, and more.

Digital Marketing Services Used: Identity Design, StoryBrand


The Huber logo is designed to be a strong, readable, flexible letter form. The slant on the “H”, “u”, and “b” reference the 5/12 roof pitch that identifies a Huber home.

The Huber mark is flexible using several different color combinations.

Background patterns were used in combination with the brand elements to create engagement and excitement.

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