Hamilton County Public Health


Redesigning a task-oriented website

If you live in Hamilton County, Ohio and need a building permit, a mobile food license, or a birth certificate, you’ll need Hamilton County Public Health (HCPH).  HCPH oversees inspections, licenses, and many other essential residential and commercial services. 

Our first task was to modernize their web infrastructure. Then we turned to the front-end. 

Accomplishing simple tasks was hard, with 3 to 4 clicks to find a topic—and too much content to wade through once you found it. For example, the topic of inspection filled 18 pages. (It now uses only five.)  

To create an intuitive path for HCPH’s task-driven users, we streamlined the site organization, simplified the design, upgraded the search feature, and eliminated nearly half of the website pages, leaving only the best, most relevant information. Now, popular services sit right on the home page. 

With a modern, secure, intuitive site, HCPH can now better serve county residents, because they can find what they need, fast.   


Digital Marketing Services Used: Website Design, Website Development

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